Current research interests

I. Terrorism--all aspects:
  • History, groups (motives, establishment, organization, recruitment, strategies, tactics, etc.)
  • Counterterrorism--defensive/offensive
  • Special Interest in area of terrorism/counterterrorism: central role of media/communication in both

II. Media/Communication in American and Global Politics
I look at what one might call the domestic and global triangles of (traditional) communication and the Internet. The corners of the domestic triangle are the media, the public, and the political class/government/decision-makers; the corners of the international triangle are the global media, foreign publics, and decision-makers in states and international organizations. Both triangles are circumvented by the Internet that allows people to directly communicate with each others, international and domestic audiences, etc. However, the traditional media are for the time being the biggest player on the Internet in that their sites get by far the most hits...